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Michael Mooney

sources – far and near

and thinking outside the box

for those days when it just isn’t coming together  🙁

about the author ...

Michael’s strengths are with business and other forms of non-fiction documents. As a structural editor and non-fiction writer, he excels in drawing out sensible and workable structures and approaches necessary for effective business and non-fiction communication.

Michael has consulted in a wide variety of industries for over 40 years, in technology, marketing, distribution, operations, manufacturing, finance, business development, land-related, and primary resource industries.

Michael is passionate about Community development and writing about Community.

Michael likes to turn alphabet-soups and flurries of thoughts into cohesive communications that various non-fiction disciplines and proposals require. He is comfortable with full-range content development cycles from draft and edit-loops (e.g., Scrivener, Word, LibreOffice) and preparation for professional publishing (InDesign).

A native of British Columbia, Canada, he is most at home in the mountains and coastal areas of B.C.

He had worked many years in the IT and Consulting sectors.

He continues to work on his writing and graphics skills.

The topic of “Community” is something he has reflected on for about 40 years.

Reach out to Michael at: michael@myr2hub.net with a brief description of what is needed and to arrange a discussion.

40 years


His primary writing focus for the last several years has been “Community.”

You can find website writings on this topic at https://reimaginerethinkcommunity.com/ . Publications presently underway are at https://reimaginerethinkcommunity.com/home/store/bookstore/

He also writes Fiction. An emerging series (When Seas Collide) is temporarily on hold while completing non-fiction writing for Community.

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